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August 28, 2018

Whether you are hitting the road for a weekend getaway or jetsetting for a tropical escape, these 5 products should be added to your must-haves list asap!

1. Eye Mask

We spend a third of our entire life sleeping. When we travel it can really screw with your circadian rhythm, making sleep even more critical. No one wants dark under eye circles when they're on vacay, am I right? When choosing an eye mask, it's important to focus on the fabric first. You know at ROKWOLF, we are all about high quality fabric and the fabric you put on your face every night should be most important.

Our winner for best eye mask is the Slip Silk Eye Mask. It is made of 100% mulberry silk, referenced as one of the highest quality silks. And at $50 a mask it better be what dreams are made of. Plus, they come in some of the cutest colors! 


2. Lip Balm

Literally cannot stand it when your lips get dry, but you aren't trying to be basic and whip out a boring Chapstick? We feel you. Thankfully there are so many good options now to keep lips hydrated, but add a little punch too, especially when you don't want to fuss with real makeup while traveling. Look for natural oils on the list, such as grapeseed and safflower oil. Our top pick is the Fresh, Sugar Lip Treatment  + SPF 15! 


3. SPF

These days, skin is in. And we are thrilled about it! Let's preserve ourselves as long as we can. DO NOT hit the road without protecting your skin first. Your skin is not allowed to take the backseat on your vacation. Plus, usually when you head out of town you are getting outdoors more and getting more sun exposure than you typically would. So it's even more important to lather it on. Long gone are the days when you need to smell like Coppertone and look like a ghost, when you are trying to be a bronze godess. Also, did you know that many sunscreens are loaded with harmful chemicals..don't believe us read about it here...

Our winner for protecting the face (and wearing nicely under makeup) is the Supergoop Mineral Sunscreen and Blue Lizard for full body all-day wear.


4. BB Cream 

Speaking of skin care...BB cream is such an easy way to go when you are on the go, protecting your skin, and packed with minerals and nutrients to treat your face right. It originally exploded in the Korean skin care market (idk about you, but I'll take 2 of whatever Korean beauty recommends!). Read more about what BB Cream is and the benefits to your skin here.

However, usually when it comes to BB Creams they are a little too sheer. After doing some research the Korean beauty brand Missha popped up as a fuller coverage BB Cream and only $22 a bottle. So if you are looking for a good BB Cream + natural foundation, annnd SPF give this brand a shot. 


5. Healthy Snacks!

You spend all of this time planning where you will go out to eat, the hottest wine bar you want to check out, and how fab that tapas place looked, but what about the time in between?? What about the fact that your hotel only has $$$ room service or just really unhealthy snacks??

BEST. SOLUTION. EVER...RX Bars...if you haven't heard of this brand, time to crawl out from that rock. Not only is their brand story cool, just two people tired of seeing so many junk bars on the market they set out to create a super simple, super nutritious, super tasty bar for anyone who cares about what they are putting in their body. They are downright fantastic to throw in your bag for that moment when you get hangry, but are holding out for that bottle of rose at that tapas place later. Plus, with 12g of protein per bar, you could even use it as a meal replacement if you are busy trying to explore that Maui black sand beach. 



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